The Big Hat Rail Company

Big Boss

Big hats and bigger business. One man rules it all, even when he's not here, even when he's back home counting his money and bones. The name's Big Boss, and that's all you need to know. Don't be fooled by his dapper suits and suits and devilish grin. Those who cross the Boss soon find themselves disco dancing with the fishes.

The Train Carriage

Imagine, if you will, a sensual Speakeasy; a place where secrets are bought and sold to the highest bidder. An intimate space where glamorous femme fatales sip gin alongside gangsters with shoulders as broad as their accents. You know?

Unlike most Speakeasies, however, this place is neither underground nor Entirely Stationary. You see, guys and dolls, this is a Train carriage without a train.

Marilyn Minuit

There's this dame out east, as dangerous as she is delightful, you follow? Sitting pretty with a fella on each arm, lit up in her gladdest rags since the turn of the century. Oh, she's a cynical doll, nothing new to her. Call her what you want: Miss Minuit, the Blue Widow. Most everyone around here just calls her Marilyn.

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