The Onabots

The Plane came from another world where life has become synthetic. The Cologne Wars from that world had come to an end, and thus Turnette Onagen, Ofen Onagen and their service droid were exploring new frontiers. A powerful energy vortex of the Gloom soon sucked them down from their mission, and they crashed.

Stuck in this new world they tried to collect as much information as possible. Using their special spy-chips they recruited spies to blend in with other suits. Their ship was a mess, and from the rubble they attempted to build devices that will unlock the secrets of this new world and use that information to find their way home.

Their emotional chips are all very simplistic and they throw tantrums all the time. In some areas they can display genius but in others a complete lack of understanding. They simply do not know how this world works so they often get lost in translation.

The Onabots discovered that when the space time vortex created by the Gloom disappeared so too did their space craft. Trapped in this land they sought a way to survive and rebuild their civilisation. Lacking a power source, they became paranoid about sleeping for fear they might shut down. Wide eyed and sleep deprived, they worked on a "Myth Lab" to create a myth upon which to base their new civilisation on.

At the climax of the Third Age, the Evilord recoded the Onabots, beginning their descent into Dis-Onabot corruption. Their prime directive is now the Sixth Code.

Turnette Onagen

Ofen Onagen

 01011001 (Y)

The Cologne Wars