The Apprentice

The Apprentice is an eccentric, well dressed, and dashingly handsome time-travelling magician, who seems to always find himself at the right place at the right time. He is currently under the employment of the grand magician Mogul Murdoyck, whose devious schemes he always seems to foil. 

Pre-first Age:

Birth and The Elizabogans​:

Originally born in the 15th of August 1669 as the first born son of Sir Robert Hawk of the Bogan tribe and Lady Hilda Hoist of the Elizabethans, by the name Dennis Atepthe. He was a very curious boy, and this curiosity lead him to be noticed by the kingdom magician, Philleus Ossifer, with whom he began his apprenticeship. His parents never condoned his choice of apprenticeship, as they thought that he, as the first born son, should choose an apprenticeship more fitting of an heir. Nevertheless he continued, and learned a great many things. In the year 1688 during the spread of the Bleak Dull The Apprentice and Phil Ossifer, along with many others, became entirely disinterested, and looked as though they were about to die of boredom. Although Phill was also infected, his love for the boy lead him to sacrifice himself, by giving Prince Atepthe his most prized possession, Phill Ossifer's Stone. This stone allowed Prince Atepthe to survive the dull, leading to him becoming known as The Half-Dull Prince. His parents were glad that Phill Ossifer had died, as they thought his death would make him finally undertake his proper role as heir to the throne of The Elizabogans. Saddened by their lack of grief, and angry at the state of bureaucracy in the kingdom, the prince left the land, and undertook the alias of 'The Apprentice', as a tribute to his former mentor, with whom he never completed his apprenticeship, and never would. 

Conflict with The Sizable Belt Mercenary Band:

The Apprentice traveled the land for a time, learning the ways of the world, and trying to discover the things his mentor had yet to teach him. At some point The Sizable Belt Mercenary Band (ancestors of the Big Hat Rail Company) caught wind that The Apprentice had come into possession of Phill Ossifer's stone, an item they had long sought. They captured The Apprentice and locked him away in Anagram, a supposedly inescapable prison, protected by (Pun on dementors, possibly auto-correctional officers). There they interrogated him, demanding he told them how to use Phill Ossifer's stone. One day, while under interrogation, he began to dream of how nice it would be to be in the ocean, swimming in the cool water. He felt a slight... Shift, and suddenly he was adrift in the open seas, Phill Ossifer's stone in hand, and no land in sight. This was how he realised that the stone was the key to the wonders of time travel.