The Beasts

In The First Age of the Second Game World, Frogo discovered Cassle Castle. “What’s this? A Castle!? Abandoned!? Ha haaaaaa, now I am King! ROUS come be my guards we’ll rule this whole world. I know nobody is here yet, but wait, they will come, and we will be their rulers and I, yes I, will be their KING!!!” said King Frogo.

In The Second Age, having returned from a Cruise Aye; King Keiff, Queen Champers and their brave knights cleared out Cassle Castle of vermin and took it for their own once more. King Frogo and Rollum fled to The Treethedral and made themselves a nest.

In The Third Age Eckharte Troll moved from under the bridge into the Treethedral forcing Frogo down to the creek where he now resides on a lilypad.






Eckharte Troll