The Big Hat Rail Company

Always looking for new territory to control and always knowing the word on the street the Big Hat gangsters heard quickly that a new territory was opening up.  Marilyn got wind of it first and convinced Big Boss to let her go and check it out. But that was before word got through of the dangers in this new world, the truly disheartening Gloom. At the last minute he sent his right hand man Moby Rick to look out for Marilyn and some of the best muscle in the business, Fit Freddy.  But Moby Rick might be one who needs looking out for. Marilyn is in this new world to stake her claim and make the territory her own. Not content with just being sexy and covertly powerful Marilyn is making her move and aiming to use the strength of this new world to take over the Big Hat Gangsters from the infamous Big Boss. But this world is a long way away from Marilyn’s control and their internal struggles may be their undoing before they’ve even begun.

The Big Hat Rail company was initially glad to see the Gloom transform. But soon realised this meant their supply of Gloom powder was extinguished. Looking for new ways to profit and control they quick got wind of the Onabot's attempts at creating Myth. They are now making a fortune dealing happy endings and blackmailing characters with poetic tragedy. 

Big Boss  

Marilyn Minuit

Fit Freddy

Moby Rick