Captain I Aye

Captain I. Aye is the original Pilate, a term that in this time stream has become corrupted to mean something quite different. A Pilate is actually a Pirate that is much more flexible in the booty that they plunder.

After rescuing a time-traveller who was found floating in the sea, Captain I Aye used his time travelling equipment to turn his ship into a time machine. Many time adventures were had. Then, after the time traveler unfortunately fell overboard, he sailed bravely into bubble time time. It was while navigating these treacherous time waters that The Gloom sucked the ship into the land of Woodfordia and buried it in the ground. This lead to unfortunate demise of all his crew save for his first mate, Sar Weety, his navigator, Arwe Tharyit and the cook, Jyllie Bean.

He has quelled multiple mutinies by his crew and his past and future self. The confusion of this and his multiple time lines means that whenever time travel is discussed in depth, he faints. 

After using his new crew to discover the strange and powerful magic that surrounded Woodfordia, he and Jyllie Bean (And Sar Weety) used their love and dance to cast a spell that greatly aided in the transformation of The Gloom.

Eventually Arwe Tharyit discovered that the time traveler falling overboard was no accident. This lead to a mutiny on the ship in which the Captain was overthrown and Arwe delcared the new captain. The mutiny is currently under review by the players union for unfair dismissal.