The First Age

After the destruction of the previous game world a creature came to Woodfordia, it was called The Gloom. This creature caused a space time vortext that threatened to consume this newly forming Game World before it even began. The disruption caused a group of time traveling Pilates to materialise into the side of a hill and made a group of interdimensional explorer cyborgs to crash their ship.

The Beasts were already settled, having taken over an abandoned castle. Soon after the arrival of The Gloom, The Big Hat Rail Company set up shop and started trading Gloom powder. A troll also moved in.

The Gloom was a consumer of happiness. All attempts at cheering it up were eaten and the attempts that failed only made it sadder. It took a brave Game Citizen to truly touch the Gloom with their heart, accept it for what it was and allow it to transform. Thus ending the first age.