Game Central

The Immortal Administrators of The Game World.

Notable Game Citizens of the Game World


The First Game World

The First Game World started in late 2010, Earth Time, and hosted the hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. This game world ended with the Finalocalypse in which everyone died, including Death, and so without death Game Central did hence forth conclude the existence of The Game world thus.


The Second Game World

The Second Game World was formed in late 2013, Earth time, when a creature known as The Gloom came to a place known as Woodfordia. The resulting game activity warranted administration, so the immortals of Game Central continued to stay active in the area, despite the recent destruction of the First Game World. This Game World was temporarily under partial probationary playfulness permission until such time as the election of The Joker. 

During The First Age of the Second World Game Central contracted a severe case of monochromia due to the presence of The Gloom. Many of Immortal Administrators adopted a new greyscale name to adjust to their new affliction. Following the defeat of the Gloom, many of the Immortal Administrator moved on to different worlds, deciding that this one required far too much energy considering it wasn't even an official world yet. 

In The Second Age, the Game World became a quintuple factioned world and in order to avoid the inevidibal chaos that a quintuple unsuitable factioned world would cause an elecetion was held to determine who the Joker of this world would be. A man by the name of Blu Dru was appointed as Joker, and it was at this point it became an official Game World. With this in mind, many Immortal Administrators were promptly processed punctiliously for a position within this world's Game Central as official quintuple factioned worlds required more official administrators.