Golden Flance

The Legend of the Golden Flance takes place in an era before the First Age when Hercs and Thessa were alive and active in Ancient Woodfordia. This isn't about them though. This is about Jaso. Jaso was the son of Ayeso, descendent of god Ayelass.

How It (Supposedly) Went Down:

Jaso shows up in his hometown of Lolcuss with a game-plan: regain the throne stolen from his father by his uncle Peeliar. King Peeliar says he's down to give up the throne... so long as Jaso brings him the Golden Flance. Which is held in the far away land of Coldcheese, a.k.a not something you can just pick up at the local Woolies. Jaso accepts the quest anyway and assembles the most star-studded team of heroes Ancient Woodfordia has ever seen to go on the adventure with him aboard the magical ship, the Lager.

Jaso and the Lagernauts have tons of adventures on the way to Coldcheese, like battling time sea harpies and giant rats and stuff like that. When they finally arrive in Coldcheese, King Eeats says that Jaso can have the Flance just as long he completes three nearly impossible tasks. With the help of Mykaylah, the daughter of Eeats, Jaso completes the tasks, grabs the Flance and Mykaylah, and sails back to Woodfordia. A few adventures later, Jaso and pals are marching into Lolcuss with the Golden Flance.


  • Sir Trivia Knight is the only Knight (or person for that matter) to have laid eyes upon the Golden Flance in modern history
  • Historians of Game Central (such as Dee Scribe) have hotly debated as to the legitimacy of this Legend as merely a story or a tale of an event that actually took place in ancient Woodfordian History