How to Play

To start playing you need to get a 'dare' card. These are like playing cards. You can get them from Game Central or from any of the game characters. The first level is quite simple, as you progress it gets more complex. Don't worry if it doesn't all make sense, you will get it as you go. It is a game you can play for six days after all.

The playing card will be one of five suits that correspond to a group of characters:

Eyes = Beasts (animal or vegetable)

Compasses = Pilates (like Pirates, but more flexible)

Atoms = Onabots (cyborgs from another dimension)

Wheels = Big Hat Rail Co. (1920s style gangsters)

Flowers = Elizabogans (Elizabethan bogans)


The Rules During play!

Level One: Daring

• Display your dare card at all times! You might want to think about how you will display your card. Bring a peg, clip or wear a hat you can stick it in.

• In order to exchange dare cards players must engage in some daring. The person wanting to exchange cards says, “I want your card.” The other player must then give them a dare. When the dare is complete the players must exchange cards.

• You can play this level of the game at any time during the festival. It's a fun way to interact with strangers. When the game characters are active, deeper levels of game play become available.

Level Two: Quests

• To gain an audience with one of the characters you will need a card that corresponds with that group and you may need to join forces with other players to form the correct combination of cards. The character will then give you a quest. Upon completion of that quest you will be given Funs, the currency of the game world. Once you have 10 funs you can go to Game Central to become a Game Citizen and begin the next level of The Game.


Level Three: Adventure

• Once you have become Game Citizen you must choose your name and a faction to join and begin your adventure.You will be given a life card and your decisions and actions in the game world can now result in your character dying. In this instance you will need to go to Death's Disco and dance to disco music to come back again. You will also be able to duel other players to the death. By winning duels and completing adventures you will gain glimmers. Giving your glimmers to your faction will increase your rank and the top ten players from each faction will be able to compete in the finale.

• Your first adventure will likely involve dressing up so you cn be identified as belonging to your faction. You might want to bring some dress ups with you. It's a fun part of the game.


Level four: Finale

• On the last day all players gather in the village green to compete in the finale. Each faction competes will all of their players, then a select few will compete to be the ultimate winner of the game. While everone competes with their faction, only those who have attained a finale life can compete to be the ultimate winner of the game. These can attained in several ways. If you have achieved high status within your faction by being in the top ten for the most amount of glimmers earned, they will grant you a life. If your faction wins you may be selected by a character. You might also be able to gain a finale life by shining brightly as a performer for the Evilord's Ball or by one of a few secret pathways.