The Magician

The power hungry sorcerer and cunning merchant Mogul Murdyck is the leading magic consultant in Woodfordia. Arriving in the Second Age under a humble guise of a travelling snake oil merchant, Murdyck plotted to rig the Election and become the Joker. After his plan was thwarted when The Apprentice and the Citizens Rick-Rolled him, he was stripped of his power and diminished to a B-Grade villain. He now offers his services to the Citizens, reluctantly accompianied by The Apprentice, whom he must supervise through to the end of his apprenticeship. Despite all this, Mogul is constantly plotting evil schemes to be reinstated as the Number One VillainTM of Woodfordia

Early Life

There is very little known about The Magician before he arrived at Woodfordia. His past seems to be, to no small effort of his own, entirely shrouded in mmmmystery. It is not unlikely his sinister tendencies surfaced early on in his development, as he has been known to admitting he once murdered his teddy bear.

The Second Age

The Magician made his debut for the Election of The Second Age, with aspirations of taking the title of The Joker himself. Together with his bumbling Apprentice, the arcane pair established Mogul Murdyck's Magyckal Mmmmporium and travelled the land selling their goods. Murdyck used this guise to establish a network of followers and spies who would support him in his efforts to become The Joker. When news of his espionage spread throughout the Factions, chaos erupted as Citizens and Factions began to question loyalties. By the time of the Election, Murdyck was certain of victory. He prepared a spell for his spies to perform and influence the rest of the Game World, but was ultimately stopped by the rest of the Citizens and none other than his own Apprentice. The Apprentice knew that The Magician's pride was his greatest weakness, so he struck him down with the Great Rick Rolling of the Second Age. Defeated and betrayed, the Murdyck was left powerless, both politically and magically. However, due to the terms agreed upon in their contract, The Magician and The Apprentice had to continue working together reluctantly.

The Third Age

With his powers gone and the new threat of the Dull looming, The Magician had to find a new means to stay relevant. He concieved a cunning plan to be the first to create a cure for The Dull, patent it and charge exorbitant prices for it in order to once again take control of the world. After extensive research, he learnt of The Half-Dull Prince and how he used Phil Ossifer's Stone to cure the Dull. Having no power of his own and the rest of the world distrustful of him, The Magician opened Mogul's School of Wordcraft and Specificity in order to assemble a group of magically trained Citizens to hunt down the legend and the cure. All the while he and The Apprentice underwent counselling with the help of the Citizens to try and fix their broken relationship. After the revelation that his own Apprentice was the Prince who was determined to prevent the Stone from falling into his Master's hands, The Magician's plan fell through once more under the crippling forces of betrayal.