Mistress of Ceremonies

The Mistress of Ceremonies loves to believe everyone is 'submissive' to her, although she is not always in control, because in actual reality everyone around her likes her to live in her 'illusion' that she is boss. She loves the Citizenship Ceremony, as she is able to whip the "Bonker" whenever the crowd does not sing in time or loudly. Her mission is to recruit as many people as possible to play the game... but ensures it is the adults that understand that it is a game for the adults. She likes the power of being able to move through the crowd and everyone part for her to walk through. Her role is to run the Citizenship Ceremony - whenever a new person starts the game she ensures that they understand they are here to play and to interact as much as possible with others, making new friends. When they come for the ceremony, she gets them to stand one side in the shade and talk or do 'quests' until the next ceremony. She answers enquiries from passer-bys and gives out cards to those interested in playing, explaining how to play.