The Pilates

Having discovered a lost time traveller adrift in the seas of 1690 they helped her aboard, quizzed her about who she was, then took her trinkets and made her walk the plank. 

“Sure we’ve got a plank, but it’s no pirrrrate plank.”

The navigator studied the trinkets for many months until finally unlocking their secrets. They were able to skip back and forth in time stealing with ease. But then they got more adventurous and went further and further into the future until they went so far they got scared and decided it was time to return home. But then as they attempted the journey back in time something went wrong with the instruments, something was sucking them into a time vortex. Their struggle to get free created a huge storm that sent the ship lurching through the waves. When the sky cleared they were in Woodfordia, buried in a hill and stuck. Most of the crew were lost in the soil as was their precious time travelling equipment. Being stuck the only thing left to do is look for booty, oh, and a way out.

“Sure we look for booty, everyone likes booty, doesn’t mean we’rrre pirrrrates.”

The relentless journey through time has affected their mental capacity somewhat and every time they try to think about anything related to time travel, where they’ve been, how old they are, what would happen if they killed their grandfather, or anything like that, they faint.

The Pilates are still struggling with their time machine. As it turns out The Gloom had nothing to do with their unfortunate arrival into the side of the hill in Woodfordia. Now they must work out what is really going wrong with attempts to travel the time seas and maybe, just maybe, find some booty while they're at it.

Captain I Aye

Arwe Tharyit

Sar Weety

Jyllie Bean