The Second Age

The Second Age began when The Gloom was transformed from its monster form, back into that of a man. After many Game citizens had been eaten by that hideous monster the Game Citizens of Woodfordia finally stopped trying to cheer him up and simply listened and accepted him. Instead of crying all over them or eating them, The Gloom became quite fabulous and there was much rejoicing. Thus began the second age and with it an ambitious attempt to become an official Game World. In order to be officailly approved by Game Central the citizens needed to elect a Joker. This election brought interest from far and wide and a wandering Magician and his Apprentice soon turned up with a magical mmmmporium in tow. The magician used all his tricks to try to become the Joker and overtake the Game World. But at the last minute his apprentice, Dennis, Rick rolled him and stopped the spell. Blu Dru was then elected as Joker and after a few forms were signed in triplicate the Third Age began.