Sir Trivia Knight

Sir Joe Barry, Knight of Trivia, (known commonly as Sir Trivia Knight, previously known as Sir Mantics) is an honoured Elizabogan having served under King Keiff and Queen Champers for many years and was present for the Siege of Sisilly. Sir Trivia Knight is the only known advocate for the order of the Knights Trivia and carries around bibles of the lost order.


Origins / Siege of Sisilly / Knights Trivia:

The origins of Sir Trivia Knight are somewhat mysterious. The first known records of a Trivia Knight with the name "Joe Barry" go as far back as the Siege of Sisilly to a Knight called Sir Mantics. He and a knight known as Sir Cumstances almost single-handedly pushed back the enemy Boganbethan forces and saved the city. They were both knighted after the battle by the young Prince Keiff and were inducted into the Knights Trivia as noble knights. The Grand Master of the order at the time was Bernard de Triviay, a wise Elizabogan of 'struth and knowledge.

The First Cruise Aye:

The First Cruise Aye was the first of a number of Cruise Ayes to capture Woodfordia. It was a great historical battle between the Elizabogans and the Boganbethans more commonly referred to as "The 100 Flours War". It started as a widespread pilgrimage of Elizabogans and Boganbethans to the land of Woodfordia and ended as a military expedition by Elizabogan legions to take back the lands occupied by Boganbethans.

Prince Keiff Cassle lead the charge, scores of Trivia Knights, Vege Knights, and Open Mic Knights at his side. The two forces met on the fields of flours with devastating loses to both sides. Eventually, Prince Keiff, with Sir Trivia Knight at his side, turned the tides of war and drove out the Boganbethan occupation. After establishing a strong presence in Woodfordia, Prince Keiff's father died in tragic boating accident and the Prince became King.

The Second Cruise Aye:

The Second Cruise Aye was the second major Cruise Aye launched from Woodfordia as an Elizabogan War against the Boganbethans. After the events of the 100 Flours War, several Cruise Aye States were founded in the Land of Holes and Elizabogan forces focused on clearing out the remainder of the Boganbethan encampments. Sir Trivia Knight was instructed by King Keiff to "floust their bloody trousers off" and so lead a small strike team of Knights with floppy flances for flousting (not flacid flousts for flancing) consisting of Sir Tinly, Sir Real, Sir Spense, Sir Perfelous, and Sir Cumstances. They remained undefeated in combat until the Siege of Damn Ass Cuss whereupon the Boganbethans took back the city resulting in the deaths of Sir Trivia Knight's entire force. Sir Trivia Knight fled the city and spent several years making his way back across the lands to his King, living as a beggar and selling his knowledge for food. Upon his return, Sir Trivia Knight found that he now had a new Queen, Champers Cassle.

The First Age:

The Third Cruise Aye:

The Third Cruise Aye, also known as The King's Cruise Aye, was an attempt by Elizabogan leaders to reclaim the Land of Holes from Boganbethan forces. After the devastating loss at Damn Ass Cuss, King Keiff sent legions to the important cities of Ace Err and Jaffa Cake, reversing most of the Boganbethan conquests. However, though this Cruise Aye was largely successful, all the Knights died in combat (except Sir Cus, who died of leprosy) the only survivor being Sir Mantics/Sir Trivia Knight.

The Second Age:

Upon the Elizabogans' Return to Cassle Castle, they found that the Beasts (lead by Frogo) had been squatting in Cassle Castle for the entire first age. King Keiff ordered Sir Trivia Knight to kick them out and clean up all the poop. With no wars to fight, Sir Trivia Knight took to executing players that displeased his King and fighting giant monsters.

Also during Sir Trivia Knight's time in Woodfordia, he became enamoured with an Onabot known as 01011001 (or Service Droid Y) and they began to court.

The Third Age:

In the Third Age, The Dull seeped into the land of Woodfordia. Sir Trivia Knight has an existential crisis and fears that his existence is meaningless. The Elizabogans start focusing on the influx of Escaped Goats flooding Woodfordia and vow to stop the goats at all costs because they were ruining the economy or something. This political stance climaxed with The Great Goat Siege in which Snuffles lead a force of escaped goats to attack Cassle Castle. Sir Trivia Knight with the help of King Keiff and the Magician fought back the Goats until they left.

In a series of Floating Scenes (a briefly used story mechanic) players could discover some of Sir Trivia Knight's backstory and try to help him mend the widening rift between himself and 01011001. He requests that the players create a poem or sonnet of great wordsmithyness to read out to 01011001 in order to win their favour. In 01011001's scene, they tell the player that they are breaking up with Sir Trivia Knight to which he responds "it's probably for the best".

In the Finale of the Third Age, the Feminist Uprising also known as The Sisterhood split half of the Game World characters. Sir Trivia Knight, believing himself to be a feminist and for other reasons yet unknown, sided with Queen Champers and the Sisterhood, unimaginably hurting the feelings of his dear King Keiff.

The Fourth Age:

In the finale of The Third Age, it was revealed that The Overlord had been keeping The Shiny Thing trapped in the box, causing The Dull. This revealed him to be, in fact, The Evilord! Shortly after in The Fourth Age during the funeral for Time, The Apprentice was murdered by The Evilord after coming back from the future. Sir Trivia Knight quickly rushed to his side and was also promptly murdered by The Evilord. Then Moby Rick (for reasons still unbeknownst) rushed Sir Trivia Knight's side; had an uncomfortably long monologue and was murdered by The Evilord. Death was then instructed to take away the 3 bodies however, before he could take Sir Trivia Knight, The Immortal Administrators took him to Game Central where he ascended and became an Immortal Administrator. The Apprentice from the present showed up fashionably late just as everyone was leaving the funeral.

For the rest of the Age, Sir Trivia Knight served The Immortal Administrators dutifully, however longed for to rejoin his King, Queen, Princess back at Cassle Castle. During this period, he questioned his heritage and his now very strong suspicions, sending trusted players off to test the DNA of certain characters.

While in Game Central, Sir Trivia Knight recieved a distress call from the Princess. In that messaged, she explained that she had discovered plans of The Evilord that meant the certain destruction of the Resistance and for Sir Trivia Knight to gather players and thwart his plans. Unfortunately none of the players in the entirety of the Game wanted to help Sir Trivia Knight and go on a super awesome and amazing Adventure and so Sir Trivia Knight was very sad and bitter and sulked until at least The Fifth Age (he'll probably sulk forever, who knows?).

In the finale of The Fourth Age it was revealed that The Apprentice was Sir Trivia Knight's biological father, and Arwe Tharyit his mother. There was a dramatic and sorrowful parting of ways as The Apprentice firm in his knowledge of how to defeat The Evilord decided to complete the time loop and go back in time to the Opening of The Fourth Age (in which he would be murdered).


  • Sir Trivia Knight has a pet pig called Sir E. Boaral
  • Sir Trivia Knight's favourite colour is purple
  • Sir Trivia Knight knows everything
  • A pumping human heart can squirt blood 30ft.
  • Arwe Tharyit and The Apprentice are Sir Trivia Knight's parents.
    • Being the son of The Apprentice makes Sir Trivia Knight a royal Elizabogan Prince
  • Under extreme high pressure, diamonds can be made from peanut butter.
  • Sir Trivia Knight doesn't actually like YYYY beer but is too afraid of disappointing King Keiff to admit it
  • Sir Trivia Knight is the only Knight (or person, for that matter) to set eyes upon the fabled Golden Flance in recent history.
  • A frog's tongue is 10 times softer than a human's
  • Sir Trivia Knight is Pansexual