Slate has been working at Game Central since its origins in The First Age. As the most experienced Immortal Administrator of this Game World, Slate is the Manager of Game Central and organises all its daily going ons. 




Born Nadine, she grew up in a duo-factioned chess style world. From a young age, Nadine's parents knew she was gifted. Excel spreadsheets, email lists, filing documents, organising citizens; it all came easy to her. The daughter of two pawns, Nadine knew that she would get few oppurtunities to showcase her skills in anything other than being defeated by the opposition's royal forces once she came of age. Fearing that this life of monotonous destruction would eventually kill her, she was at a loss of what to do. 

One day, while watching her parents on the battlefiend, her faction's King needed to be touched up with a fresh coat of black paint... and that's when she saw them! GAME CENTRAL. The Immortal Administrators of her world!

They were beautiful. They were offical. THEY WERE ADMINISTRATIVE. 

She insantly knew that this was the life for her. She spent many years of her life locked away in her room, studying an old IAOHB that she found, and cleverly disquised it as "One Square at a Time with Permission: Knowing When to Make Your Move." It wasn't until many years later, while the Immortal Administrators were collectcing those enlisted into the royal forces that she was found with the book. 

Curious about why a simple pawn child would want to study the book of the Immortals, they decided to question her. She answered every single one of their questions correctly, leaving them baffled and unsure what to do. However, being strict law abiding Immortal Administrators, they regretfully declined her pleas to be a member of their society. 

Years later, after many monotonous battles between the two royal factions, Nadine had had enough. In an effort to stop all the fighting, she marched into the opposite faction's city, and straight into the King and Queen's castle.

The First Age:

During the First Age, Slate was a bright young immortal administrator of 662. Having worked her way through the ranks by managing many duo and trio factioned game worlds, she was ready to take on her biggest challenge yet - a quadruple factioned world! She arrived at Woodfordia ready to begin, but there was a problem - The Gloom! Like many of her fellow immortal administrators she came down with a severe case of monochromia, and in line with section T90D of the IAOHB, she adopted the name Slate. 

Although she worked hard during her first days there, much of her excitement was drained as the effects of the Gloom started seeping in. Much to her shock, and mostly because she was suffering a severe case of monochromia, she lost her passion for Game Central administration work, and decided to seek more adventurous administration elsewhere. Slate started equiring around the game world, and soon discovered a man by the name of Eckharte Troll who was in need of a personal assistant. 

Slate, who found the idea of working for such an exotic and wise member of the Beast family a dream come true, jumped at the opportunity and began work there the next day. As the time that her and the troll spent together lengthened she grew fond of him, and even started developing feelings! Once she found out that he too shared these emotions they threw caution out the window and became engaged.

Following the defeat of the Gloom, and happiness once again returning to the Game World, the Troll and Slate were filled with love and joy and got married then and there! They were whisked away in a lovebuggy and drove off into the sunset.

The Second Age:


The Third Age:



  • Slate, during her brief engagement to the Troll, began to exhibit beast like qualities. These included ears, a tail, and the beginnings of whiskers.