The Sunken Ship

A ship was born in a shipyard with no name. It remembers how the shipyard smells , but not much else.

It was purchased by a fine merchant, an upstanding man who kept its decks well oiled. Life was rather dull for our young ship till the day a ferocious band of Pirates kidnapped it and threw its former master overboard. They sailed the seas, plundering and looting till their hearts were almost content and the ships coffers somewhat full.

Then one day they found a sodden castaway, a bedraggled Time Traveller. The Pirates stole his Time Devices and forced him to walk the plank. They left behind the regular Ocean and took to the Time Seas. As they launched into the skies the R on their title as Pirates was dislodged and fell down to resemble an L, changing them irrevocably to Pilates. (This allowed them to be more flexible wth the booty they plundered)

 For age apon age, through chronological storms and History Holes, they sailed the Time Seas. The ship's heart was full and although its decks were not as regularly oiled, it didn't mind.

Then one day, a most fateful of days, a powerful force played havoc with our young ships navigation device and despite Arwe Tharyit's most valiant attempts, the ship was sucked into a Time Vortex. This was caused by The Gloom and his insatiable hunger. 

When the mists cleared they found themselves lodged in a hill in the Realm of Woodfordia.

The Pilates have been attempting to fix our poor ships navigation device ever since, but a piece is missing.... in fact it never did work that well. Perhaps that Time Traveller managed to keep a piece for himself...