The Third Age

After the election of The Joker at the end of the Second Age the world of Woodfordia was officially recognised as a Game World. This marked the beginning of the third age. Celebrations were prematurely cut short by the end of festival and a deadly creeping force entered the Game World and began to grow. The Dull slowly crept into people's mind and ate away their memories, it starter to dim everyone's moods and flatten the effervescence in everyone's cocktails. Game Citizens rallied to hold back the dull, shining as brightly as they could, gathering glimmers to keep it at bay. But nothing seemed to work. It wasn't until the shiniest play was found that light was cast on the truth. The Overlord had been keeping The Shiny Thing in a box the whole time, thereby causing the spread of the dull. When he decided to keep it hidden and become the Evilord the third age came to an end.