The Train Carriage

Imagine, if you will, a sensual Speakeasy; a place where secrets are bought and sold to the highest bidder. An intimate space where glamorous femme fatales sip gin alongside gangsters with shoulders as broad as their accents. You know?

Unlike most Speakeasies, however, this place is neither underground nor Entirely Stationary. You see, guys and dolls, this is a Train carriage without a train.

How it moves, no one is entirely sure. Shrouded in mystery, much like its current owners, The Big Hat Rail Co. They abandoned their previous hustle when Marilyn Minuit got whiff of a juicy opportunity in the Realm of Woodfordia. She convinced The Big Boss to let her and Moby Rick take a single body guard, Fit Freddy, to investigate and hopefully turn a tidy profit. 

The carriage currently plays host to our nefarious gangsters and rumour has it The Big Boss is coming to visit...